Eureka Winehouse - 

This was our first time performing at the wine house. Great friends (new an old), food and weather - nearly 70 degrees! 

Arnold's Farmer's Market  

This was our first performance at this market. The weather cooperated, the people were great and we hope to be back real soon.

Wentzville Wedding Reception

We were so pleased to be a part of this event celebrating the marriage of Chris and his lovely bride. This performance called for a heavy dose of bluegrass in tribute to the father of the bride who loved the genre. 

Farm-to-table Event  

We were pleased to support this worthwhile event benefitting the Kirkwood Farmers' Market. The food was outstanding, the audience was a pleasure and we had a blast!

​​Music On Central Concert Series

What a night! Mid-July, a cool 80 degrees, hundreds of revelers with great food and drink. Thanks to all who came out for the fun, the City of Eureka, Sound-On-Site (sound production company) and our friends and family.   You're the best!!!

Ottertoberfest at St. Louis Zoo 

The St. Louis Zoo is a fantastic attraction. Despite the 50 degree weather the show went on and the crowd was terrific. There was a visitor from New York that may have invented an "urban clog". 

Kirkwood's Greentree Festival  

Supporting the Missouri Fiddlers and Country Music Association has been an annual event for us for many years. Their support of traditional music is outstanding. Mike Aehle substituted for Dan on banjo and did an outstanding job! Big thanks to Steve Hall for having us again this year. 

East Central College Foundation 

What a venue! This Foundation supports a Patrons of the Arts program that provides support for the fine and performing arts programs at the college. Each year they invite the Patron members to a kick-off event to celebrate the arts. This year it was at the Haue Valley in Pacific, Mo. The venue is new and has an upscale country atmosphere.