Fox Creek Band

2017 Performances

Jan TBD      Run For Life                                           Cancer Benefit 

Jan  29     Chile Cookoff                                           The Timbers                                                       Variety                   Eureka, Mo   4-6 p 

​Feb 25     PEO Event (private)                                 Private                                                                Variety                   Ballwin , Mo

Mar 17       St. Patrick's Day (private)                    Brooking Park                                                   Irish                         Chesterfield, Mo

May 27     Tunes-At-Ten Concert                  Kirkwood                                                   Variety                 Kirkwood, Mo  10am

Sept 16      Greentree Festival                                Missouri Fiddlers Tent                                    Variety                    Kirkwood, Mo   3:00p

​Sept  16     Pacific Heritage Festival                      TBD                                                                                                       Pacific , Mo

​Sept 17      Greentree Festival                                Missouri Fiddlers Tent                                    Variety                    Kirkwood, Mo   4:00p

​Oct   01      Private                                                    Clay Shoot                                                          Variety                    Fults, Il.

​Oct   31     Private  (pending)                                  Fall festival - Our Lady of the Snows            Variety                    Belleville, IL

2016 Performances

Jan 02       Celebration of Life (Beck)                     Schraders (Private)                                                           Variety                    Ballwin, Mo

Jan 31       Chile Cook-off                                         The Timbers                                                                       Variety                   Eureka, Mo

Mar 12      Run For Life (cancer)                            Ballwin Community Center                                              Variety                    Ballwin, Mo

Mar 17     Irish Show                                                Brooking Park                                                                     Irish Show              Chesterfield

April 22    Golf Tournament (Negotiation)          Creve Coeur Golf Course                                                Variety                   Creve Coeur

May 14     Truck Show                                              Private                                                                                 Variety                     St. Louis

May 21    Benefit                                                       Point of Refuge Church                                                    Gospel               House Springs, Mo

June 11    Grand Opening & Dedication               Pacific PLaza                                                                       Variety                    Pacific, Mo

June 13     House Party  (Negotiating)                  Private                                                                                  Variety            Weldon Springs 

July 15      Street Fair                                               Concert on Central                                                             Variety             Eureka , Mo

Sept 17    Green Tree Festival                               Kirkwood (Fiddler's tent)                                                   Variety             Kirkwood,Mo

Sept         Appreciation BBQ                                   Civil War Museum   (in PLanning)                                  Variety           Jefferson Barracks

​Oct   02    Private Event                                           Clay bird Shoot                                                                   Variety          Fults IL.

​Oct  15     Pumpkin Festival                                     Arnold's Farmers Market                                 Variety          Arnold, Mo   8:30-11:30am

​Nov TBD   BBQ                                                          Civil War Museum                                               Variety         St. Louis, Mo  TBD

​Nov TBD   Private Event                                          House Party                                                         Variety         Festus, Mo  TBD  


2015 Performances

Jan 25      Chile Cook-off                  Eureka Community Center                                              Bluegrass/Rock       Eureka, Mo                    4:30p

Mar 13     Social Hour                      Route 66 Senior Center                                                    Various                     Eureka, Mo                    10a

Mar 14     Run For Life                     Ballwin Community Center                                              Various                    Ballwin, Mo                     4:30p

Apr 24      Appreciation Dinner     Route 66 Senior Center (in negotiation)                        variety                      Eureka, Mo                      7-9p

May 23      Wedding                          Private                                                                                  variety

May 29    Dinner Dance                  Timbers                                                                                 variety                 Eureka                              TBD

June 13     Party                                 Private                                                                                  Variety                  Weldon Springs             7 pm

June 27     Opening Anniversary   Civil War Museum                                                               Variety                 Jefferson Barracks       12-3p

Sept 13    Green Tree Festival        Fiddlers Tent                                                                       Variety                  Kirkwood, Mo                TBD

Sept 9       Gala at Larmeier Park   Gala (Contemporary Productions)

Oct  TBD   Clay Shoot Event            Private                                                                                  Variety                  Fults, IL                           4-7p

Oct 11       Ottertoberfest                St. Louis Zoo (Contemporary Productions)                  Variety                 St. Louis                          12 noon

Oct 24        Party                                Private                                                                                   Variety               Farmington, Mo        1-4 p

Dec 15       Night Out                        Eureka Winehouse                                                              Variety                Eureka , Mo                      7-10p

2014 Performances

March 6    Marketing Event             Civil War Museum Jefferson Barracks (private)         Civil War Focus       South County                   7-9 p

March 11  Marketing Event             Willows at Brooking Park   (Private)                              Irish Show               Chesterfield, Mo           1:30 p 

Apr 11       Wedding Reception        (Private)                                                                               Bluegrass               Wentzville, Mo                6:30p

Apr 22        Golf Tournament

May 10      Mayfest Celebration       Kirkwood Plaza Station                                                    Bluegrass               Kirkwood, Mo              10-12 a

May 15       Happy Hour                     Our Lady of the Snows (Private Event)                         Bluegrass/Gospel   Bellville, Il                     1:30 p

June 7         Farm-To-Table Event      Kirkwood Farmer's Market                                             Bluegrass                Kirkwood, Mo     6:30-9:00 p

June 20       East Central College Foundation   Haue Valley Complex                                     Bluegrass                Pacific, Mo           6:30-8:30 p

July 12         Farmer's Market             Arnold's Farmers Market                                                 Bluegrass               Arnold, Mo.                10-12 p

July 27         Birthday  Party                (Private Event)                                                                    Bluegrass              Weldon Springs, Mo.

Aug 2           Tunes at 10 Series         Kirkwood Farmers Market                                               Bluegrass               Kirkwood, Mo             10-12p

Aug 02         Birthday Party               (Private Event)                                                                     Bluegrass              Robertsville, Mo

Sept 13        Green Tree Festival      Fiddlers Tent                                                                        Various                 Kirkwood, Mo                4:00p

Oct 5            Clay Shoot                       (Private Event)                                                                    Bluegrass                Fults, IL                      4-7 pm

Oct 11          Ottertoberfest               St Louis Zoo                                                                         Various                    St. Louis                     12 - 3

Oct 18          Cancer Victim Benefit   Hobo's                                                                                  Various                    St. Peters                    4-7 pm

Nov 01         Civil War Ball                   Eagles Lodge                                                                      Civil War/Bluegrass  Pacific, Mo              TBD