Steve O'Connell's Events

2015 Performances

January 4   Social Hour                                  Brooking Park (private)                   Variety     Chesterfield, Mo                2p

January 19  Mission Dinner                          Eureka UMC                                       Variety      Eureka, Mo                        5:30p

Feb 27         Social Hour                                Route 66 Senior Center                    Variety      Eureka, Mo                        10a 

Mar 15        Fellowship Dinner                    Eureka United Methodist Church   Irish          Eureka, Mo                          5:30p

Mar 17        St Patrick's Day                          Our Lady of the Snows (private)     Irish          Belleville, IL                        2:00p

Mar 18        St. Patrick's Day                         West View (private)                            Irish          Ellisville, Mo                       2:00p

March 29   Social Hour                                  Brooking Park (private)                    Variety     Chesterfield, Mo                2p

Apr 10      Luncheon                                       Route 66 Senior Center                   Variety       Eureka, Mo                       10 am         

Apr 29        Social Hour                                  Route 66 Senior Center                    Variety     Eureka, Mo                         10a

May 01      Fenton Farmers Market              Farmer's Market                                Variety      Fenton, Mo                          10a

May 27       Social Hour                                  Route 66 Senior Center                    Variety     Eureka, Mo                         10a

June 6        Gala In The Garden                     County Library (Telegraph Rd)       Variety     St. Louis Mo                       10-12a                  

TBD            Fathers Day                                  Brooking Park (private)                    Variety     Chesterfield, Mo               TBD

July 25       Fenton Farmers MKT (negotiating)

Jul 31          Social Hour                                  Brooking Park (private)                    Variety     Chesterfield, Mo               2p

Aug 01       Fenton Farmers MKT (negotiating date)

Sept 05      Fenton Farmers MKT (negotiating date)

Oct 03        Fenton Farmers MKT (negotiating date)     

2014 Performances

Jan 26      Chili Cook-off                                 Eureka Community Center                   Folk/Rock    Eureka, Mo                  6:00 p

Feb 17     Fellowship Dinner                        Eureka United Methodist Church         Folk/ Rock   Eureka, Mo                   5:30p

March 4  Mardi Gras Celebration                Briarcrest Estates                                    Folk/Rock    Chesterfield, Mo          7:00p

March 13 St. Patrick's Day                           Willows at Brooking Park                        Irish Show  Chesterfield, Mo         7:15 p

Mar 17      St. Patrick's Day                           Brooking Park                                          Irish Show Chesterfield, Mo         10:00 a

Mar 17      St. Patrick's Day                           Garden View Care Center                      Irish Show  Chesterfield, Mo         2:30 p

Mar 17      St. Patrick's Day                           Gambrill House                                       Irish Show   Ellisville, Mo                7:00 p

Apr 21       EUMC Fellowship Dinner            Eureka United Methodist Church        Folk/Rock    Eureka, MO                 5:30 p

June 4        Happy Hour (Private Event)       Briarcrest Estates                                    Folk/Rock    Chesterfield, Mo        7:00 p

June 6        Happy Hour (Private Event)       Fountains of Clayton                               Folk/Rock    Chesterfield, Mo       4:00 p

June 16       Fellowship Dinner                     Eureka United Methodist Church          Folk/Rock     Eureka, Mo                5:30 p

Aug 18        Fellowship Dinner                     Eureka United Methodist Church          Folk/Rock     Eureka, Mo                     5:30 p

Sept 28       Happy Hour (Private Event)    Brooking Park                                            Folk/Rock     Chesterfield, Mo      TBD

Oct 3           Happy Hour (Private Event)    UHC Town & Country                               Folk/Rock     Town & Country, Mo 4:00 p

Oct 20         Fellowship Dinner                    Eureka United Methodist Church          Folk/Rock     Eureka, Mo                  5:30 p

Nov 1           Graveside (one song)              Laural Hills                                                  Request       St. Louis, Mo                   10 a